With its 600 kilometers of trails, people enjoy walking through the Vanoise National Park. You can meet ibex, chamois and marmots on your road.


Each walk will allow you to contemplate exceptional views. This National Park will allow you to mix different alpine areas : forests, mountain lakes, mountain passes… You can find yourself face to face with many wonderful species : chamois, marmots, ibex when hiking in Vanoise National Park


And there is a walk for all levels on site ! For all excursions in the Vanoise National Park, you will find all sorts of trails with indications of duration, elevation changes and difficulties. Many routes are possible around Bourg-Saint-Maurice and Les Arcs…


Discover examples of trails in Vanoise National Park :

  •  The col of the Ouillon : a panoramic view of the Tarentaise Valley  
  •  The Refuge Robert Blanc : a mineral mountain site accessible to everybody
  •  The Col of Croix Bonhomme : hiking dedicated to good walkers, located on the route of the “Tour du Mont Blanc”
  •  The col of Grand Fond, the Lake Presset : High mountain atmosphere and beautiful views on the Mont Blanc and the Aiguille des Glaciers
  •  Lake Mya : stunning views on the Aiguille des Glaciers and the Chapieux Valley
  •  The col of Frets: splendid views throughout the walk and a spectacular panorama of the Arc Valley, the Mont Pourri, the Bellecôte Mountain, the Aiguille Rouge and the Italian side of the Mont Blanc
  •  The circuit Lakes (Arc 2000) : the road from Bourg-Saint-Maurice to Arc 2000 offers a beautiful panorama of the Tarentaise Valley. 


Hiking in Vanoise National Park : if you want to go hiking in La Vanoise Natonal Park during this summer, browse the interactive cartography of the 600 kilometers of trails.


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