Temmos Hotels Group is concerned for your well-being when you’re staying in one of its hotels. Find out what happened in our hotels in Chamonix during this summer.


Because the well-being of our guests is always our top priorities, the group Temmos offers fitness stays since spring 2015, supervised by champions ! This is called the Champions Break !

It is simple : enjoying holidays in the mountains to share sports moments with the figures of French sport and receive health and sport advice from professionals.


At each season a stay and at each stay a different program. This summer, our guests of Chamonix Hotels (Hotel Les Aiglons and Boutique Hotel Le Morgane) could enjoy Nordic walking with Marie-Jose Perec and mountain biking with Ophelie David….

Nordic walking is a complete sport that enables you to work all parts of your body. Practice it with a professional and additionally in Chamonix, looking at the Mont Blanc Massif, was just “a must”.


And as Temmos Hotels are always pleased to welcome their guests in Chamonix, they intend to share what makes them vibrate every day : the mountain ! With a mountain guide, the Chamonix Hotels Temmos showed their customers the Chamonix Valley during half a day ! An event full of surprises !


And within the hotels, guests could enjoy the zumba classes, yoga and pilates lessons with a magnificient view on the Mont Blanc.


Stay informed about the news of this winter in the Temmos Hotels and participate in the Champions Break with a new champion ! 



Temmos Hôtels

Temmos Hôtels